Pašto adresas: p.d.1000, pšt. 1, LT-01014, Vilnius
Patalpų adresas: Gelvonų g. 33, Vilnius
Telefonas: +370 6575 7373

LY Hamfest 2017

Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society (LRMD) is the official host of LY HAMFEST 2017.

We kindly invite not only local radio amateurs, but everyone, who has at least some interest in amateur radio, to participate in the LY HAMFEST 2017. It’s a tradition, that people from all across Europe (and even other contintents) come to meet LY hams face-to-face in their annual ham radio festival. Therefore LY HAMFEST is an excellent opportunity to meet ham radio operators from LY, YL, ES, OH, SM, SP, R, UR, EW, DL, G and from many other countries.

Time: July 28-30, 2017

Location: Jaunimo sodyba  (transl. Youth Homestead ), located in Lithuanian rural area Kėkštai, 15 km from  Klaipėda town. The homestead is run by the Charity and Support fund “Jaunimo sodyba”. Website:

Visiting LRMD

We invite you to visit the new LRMD headquarters in Vilnius (Gelvonu str. 33).

Please call or text our mobile phone number at 00 370 6575 7373 at least a day or two in advance!

Local radio amateurs usually meet there every Wednesday at 17:30.

Vilnius University amateur radio club LY1BWB also offers operating for guests from abroad. Please contact for more information.

We will appreciate any presentation about your radio society or club, about your personal ham radio activities. Arrange your visit with LY2EN