LY hamfest 2015

Every summer Lithuanian Radio Amateurs gather together to take part in their traditional LY HAMFEST somewhere in a beauty spot in Lithuania.

Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society (LRMD) is the official host of LY HAMFEST 2015. We kindly invite not only local radio amateurs, but everyone, who has at least some interest in amateur radio, to participate in the LY HAMFEST 2015. It's a tradition, that people from all across Europe (and even other contintents) come to meet LY hams face-to-face in their annual ham radio festival. Therefore LY HAMFEST is an excellent opportunity to meet ham radio operators from LY, YL, ES, OH, SM, SP, R, UR, EW, DL, G and from many other countries.

LY HAMFEST – 2015 is supervised by LRMD members from the city of Druskininkai.

Time: July 24-26, 2015

Official opening ceremony will take place Saturday at 12 noon, but as always, we will start gathering on Friday.

Closing ceremony will take place Sunday at noon but this does not mean the end of the gathering.

Place: Country homestead „Stasio Slavinsko“
Piliakalnis village, Alytus dist.

Coordinates: 54° 15' 59"N, 24° 5' 26" E (54.26640, 24.090570) (map »)
WW locator: KO24BG

Questions and general information:
LY4Q op. Rolandas, , tel.: +370 657 57 373.

Images from event place

panoramic photos »

Main activities

HF, VHF, HST (telegraph), ARDF (fox hunting), rope pulling, bicycle, weightlifting, fishing and other contests will take place on Saturday after the opening. Market, auctions will take place during the opening time. In the evenings – bonfires, live music, dancing and so on. Saturday there will an excursion for the ladies. HF club station

LY1RMD will be available to everyone. A special event station, with the callsign LY2015RMD will be active on the air all the time. We suggest to bring your own transceivers and aerials for demonstrations and trials to work under field conditions. CEPT T/R 61-01 licences are valid in Lithuania and if you have it, you would be able to operate as LY/xxx with your own rig.

Hot food and cold drinks will be served in cafe during the hamfest opening time,


A grass field will accommodate our cars and tents. Nearby there will be properly erected field toilets, waste bins.

At your service homestead has rooms for 2-4 people. For reservation write an e-mail or call +370 657 57 373 (LY4Q op. Rolandas).

Hamfests history

Information about the past Hamfests here »


Sponsorship opportunities include preferred exhibiting space, logo placement on the hamfest webside, booklets, etc. Those who would like to support LY Hamfest – 2015, please get in touch with persons listed above.